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Review | The Maze Runner – 2014

Last weekend I went to The Maze Runner and from the beginning to the end it was exciting! I am left with a couple of questions though, which I will discuss later. I don’t want to spoil much and I do hope to make you guys enthusiastic to see the film!

In short, the film is about a boy who enters a ‘village’, called The Glade where only other boys live. The Glade is surrounded by a big maze, The Maze, and every month a new boy and some resources arrives through some cage under ground. The boy who enters is a very curious one and he’s called Thomas (Dylan O’Brien). This is in fact the only thing he remembers, just like everyone else. At daytime every boy has its task but the group of The Runners might have the most important one. They are mapping out The Maze and  are also looking for a way out. Thomas is however not like the other boys. He’s curious and does not do what he’s told. He has a lot of questions: Who are they, where are they, who put them here and how can they escape? Can Thomas find his answers and save them all?? There’s only one way to find out 😉maze-runner-thomas-maze-1024x576Like I said, it’s a very exciting movie. The first scene is already a moment where you think: What’s happening? It’s dark and you only hear heavy breathing. Thomas enters The Glade and he gets a ‘tour’ from Alby (Aml Ameen), who is a Runner and one of the leaders. An other leader is Gally (Will Poulter) who has some issues with this ‘greenie’. Newt ( Thomas Brodie-Sangster) tells Thomas a lot of interesting things about the boys, The Glade and The Maze. The film has a high rate, you keep sitting on the edge of your seat. Especially during the scenes while they’re in The Maze and that one creepy, dark night in The Glade. The Glade is supposed to be their save haven, but in response to what happened earlier in The Maze, the doors won’t close and they need to start running.

As a result Thomas joins Minho (Ki Hong Lee), who’s also a runner, with his daily task. Because of what happened that night something big has changed in The Maze. And when they really need to start running the film gets so thrilling! I really felt the urge to start running aswell! Things get even stranger when a girl named Teresa (Kaya Scodelario) arrives and seems to recognize Thomas. Only these two have very strange dreams which might give answers. The trailers made it seem that this girl was a very important one. However she didn’t really had a big part in the film and she didn’t add much value, in my opinion. When it’s all or nothing, Thomas and a part of the group goes into The Maze to find their way out.

During their quest they come face to face with The Maze’s residents: The Grievers. The machine-like, alien monsters were really freaky. At the end the boys and the viewers were in for a surprise. This part was really weird and interesting at the same time. After this part, it looked like the film was over and had a real ending but then everything changed. I went to a film, again, which is the first one to come. It’s not that I don’t like films with sequels and stuff but I kind of hoped things would end well and: ‘The End’.

 The Maze Runner cast

I can say that the film is thrilling, exciting, on a full speed / high rate, definitely not boring and it all looks amazing! I did hope to see more of The Maze, how it rally looked like. Like when Minho shows a reconstruction of The Maze, I wanted to see more of it and a better explanation maybe. The Grievers where a bit disappointed. There could have been more of them or other creepy creatures. The Griever should have been the most scariest thing in the Maze but for me it was the Maze itself. However this Young Adult film did a great job and I can’t wait to see the sequel: Phase 2! I just also read that the sequel, The Scorch Trails will come to theaters September 18, 2015! So, till next year then! I might start reading the novels written by James Dashner.

As for my questions, SPOILER ALERT!, I have questions Thomas has. I understand that the earth has been destroyed by the sun and afterwards there was a killing virus. The organisation who put all those boys there, were testing them for what? To give them a cure? And how did they, “Wicked is good”, picked those boys. And why were both Thomas as Teresa also put there when they actually worked for the organisation?


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