Review | The Hunger Games: Catching Fire – Suzanne Collins – 2009

The Hunger Games Catching fire bookAfter I’ve read the first part in this trilogy, I couldn’t wait to continue with the second book. Unfortunately I had to wait for my dad to finish 😉 I’ve seen the film a couple of times so I knew exactly what would happen. Before I wrote this book review I read my review about the film: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire film review It became clear to me that I think differently about some things and characters. For example, in the book the readers get to know everything Katniss thinks and that’s why I understand her motives better now. When she is in the Games it is her plan to save Peeta and not herself. This is a very important fact what was not clear to me while watching the film.

The film follows the book really good. The aftermath of the 74th Hunger Games, Katniss struggling with her emotions and fears, parts of the rebellion, the victory tour, the Quarter Quell, The Games and the break out.

The book is of course more expanded than the film. This helped me understand things I didn’t understand while watching the film. The relationships between Katniss and Peeta and Katniss and Gale are better explained. In the book Katniss has a team of stylists who really like her and show their emotions when Katnissis picked for the Quarter Quell, the 75th Hunger Games. Katniss has also more contact with Haymitch. She tells him personal things, like President Snow’s visit and his threats. The role of the new spell maker, Plutarch Heavensbee, is also more clear. In the film I didn’t trust him but while reading I know almost immediately he is one of the good guys with his watch..

The book also puts more emphasis on the rebellion in the different districts: On their victory tour, in District 12 itself while Katniss is at a friend’s house, the new peace keepers and a scene in the woods. This is completely left out of the movie. While Katniss is on one of her hunting trips, she meets two rebels from District 8. They tell her more about the rebellions, about Katniss’ role/meaning in it and they tell about the possibility of the existence of District 13. This is also a thing Katniss tells to her tutor Haymitch. He says it’s rubbish and there’s no underground city. During the 75th Games a few districts made an ally with each other so they could get the tributes out of the arena in time. The books explain the plan the tutors and the tributes had and why they left Katniss and Peeta out of their plan. Also the shocking things in the film are even more shocking in the book and more cruel. Like the violence against Cinna, the stylist, while Katniss is already in the tube to enter the arena. The book explains perfectly the effect it has on Katniss and how helpless she felt while standing there.

One other thing the film left out, is the wedding ‘story’. In the book Katniss gets all kind of wedding dresses from the Capitol. For a photo shoot she must wear every one of them and the people in the Capitol can vote for their favourite. While I type this I think it’s a good thing they left this circus out. 😉

I now have to decide if I continue with reading the third and last book or if I should wait and see the film first…I think I will read first since the book is staring at me… AHHH Can’t wait to find out how this all ends!


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