Review | Silver Linings Playbook – Matthew Quick – 2008

Silver linings PlayBook coverJust on a normal day in the local library, one book caught my attention. I know the film Silver Linings Playbook won awards so when I saw Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper on the cover I took the book. I’ve seen trailers but I never was that interested to actually pay to see the movie but I decided to give the book a shot.

The first half of the book is quite the same really. The lead character is Pat, played by Cooper in the film. After some ‘incident’ he ends up in  a psychiatric institution. Without any perception of time he leaves the institution to leave with his parents in New Jersey. His activities consist primarily of running, weightlifting, supporting his favourite Football team, the Eagles, and seeing his psychiatrist Cliff. At this point I thought to myself, how they could ever make a film where nothing interesting is happening. Pat wakes up, does some weightlifting and starts running. When he returns home he watches Football. And occasionally he goes to the stadion with his brother Jake and other friends. The first half of the book was quite boring in my opinion. Besides this, the way it is written kind of bothered me. So childish.

The second part of the book is more interesting. This is the part where we actually start understanding what has happened with Pat and his lady friend Tiffany who is played by Jennifer Lawrence. Pat starts doing different things. I actually liked the part where he sort of ‘write a film’. And in the end he finally finds out what has happened to him and why he end up in the institution. The letters between Pat and his ‘ex-wife Nikki’ where also interesting in a way that we learn more about them. However I think that Pat’s character should be more explained. Like where did he come from? We know he wanted to change himself to become a better men and so win his wife Nikki back. He says he was a bad husband and that he tries to be nicer. But I like to know how he was in his marriage, we only get to know what Pat eventually remembers. I think it’s nice to know how much he really changed. It’s really inspiring to see someone change so much for the better.

I really want to see the film now! In the book the relationship between Pat and his psychiatrist Cliff is very entertaining: from psychiatrist to Football buddies. I would like to see that on screen and I wonder who the mom and grumpy dad is 🙂 One final thing about the casting. I don’t see Lawrence as Tiffany. The Tiffany in the book makes me think she’s in her thirties and not so much younger than Pat. Lawrence is actually way younger, but maybe she nailed it. I do wonder how the dance scenes look like!

What do you guys think of the book? Was the book better than the film or is the film an improvement?


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