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Review | Dial M for Murder – 1954

Alfred Hitchcock’s Dial M for Murder was the first film I watched knowing it was a ‘Hitchcock’ film. However, The Birds was the actual first Hitchcock film I watched. But that was years ago when I didn’t know a thing about Alfred Hitchcock. So when I found out that The Birds was a Hitchcock film, I thought all his films were horrors. But that’s not really the case. One other thing I know from Hitchcock was his love for blond actresses. I’ve read that almost in every film the main character is a blond woman, like the famous Grace Kelly in this film. An other thing Hitchcock uses a lot in films is music. Whenever something exciting or important is happening: ‘BAM’ Very useful to wake someone!Dial M for Murder Grace Kelly

Dial M for Murder is a crime thriller with a few plot twists and some humor coming from the Chief Inspector Hubbard (John Williams). This typical Brit is the man who needs to solve the crime and how he does that is quite amusing! I also found it very interesting that the entire film takes place in one single room: The couple’s appartement in London. The couple is Tony, an ex tennis player, and Margot Wendice who has an affair with the American writer Mark.

Since a year Tony Wendice (Ray Milland) has known about his wife Margot’s (Grace Kelly) affair with Mark (Robert Cummings). He comes up with a brilliant plan to kill his wife and calls mr. Lesgate (Anthony Dawson) to fulfill the task. This is becoming a very interesting conversation, since Mr. Lesgate is not keen on killing anyone. However, after some time he accepts and Tony tells the plan. The details are amazing, he thought of seriously everything. Well, almost everything. It was quite predictable that plan A wouldn’t work out, but plan B was brilliant! That’s also the power of Ray Milland: He plays the role of the evil but genus Tony impressively!

Dial M for Murder dial m for murder cast inspector mark tony

Us viewers know from the start everything about the crime: What was the first plan, who committed the crime and who invented the plan? Plan B was a bit vague, but in the end everything is explained. I still hoped the truth would come out and the right one would end up in jail. The question is not who did it, but does he get away with it? It was very funny that, in the presence of the Chief Inspector and Tony,  the writer Mark explains exactly how it went without knowing it. And then Tony and the inspector say something like: “Yes, but that would’nt be very logic.”

There are a lot of dialogues, especially in the frist part of the film, which makes the film a bit long-winded. It’s something you need to get trough. Grace Kelly is a beautiful woman but she’s not an amazing actress. However I do like her more than Marilyn Monroe with her irritating voice.


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