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Review | The Lego Movie – 2014

Emmet is an ordinary Lego construction worker, just like anyone else he lives according to the rules. But somehow he is very different. On one special day he finds out how different. When he follows a sound he finds something. At the same moment he meets a rebellion girl who thinks Emmet is the so-called prophesied ‘Special’. Together they go one an adventure to stop an evil tyrant from gluing the Lego Universe into eternal stasis.

For me this film is the most overrated film of 2014 so far. I think many people disagree with me, but I can’t help but feeling slightly disappointed. After watching all the funny trailers with a lot of jokes I was so looking forward to see The Lego Movie but maybe I expected too much of it. Sure, the film has an original concept and plot but the jokes from the trailers were combined ones. In the actual film the jokes were less funny. I think the trailers showed too much, and that’s something I’ve learned. I won’t watch more than one trailer for a film anymore! I imagine that when you haven’t seen any trailers, it’s more enjoyable. I don’t say the film is bad I just think it’s too overrated.The-Lego-Movie

So the man of the film is Emmet (Chris Pratt) since he’s supposed to be ‘the special one’. Years ago Vitruvius (Morgan Freeman) did a prophecy: “A man with yellow face and hands will find the ‘Piece of Resistance’ and saves the realm.” This master builder / the special one, is construction worker Emmet. He lives according to a pattern and is, just like the rest of the population, sort of brainwashed by Lord Business (Will Ferrel). Because of Lord Business’ ‘propaganda’, everyone one thinks that ‘everything is awesome’. Lets sing it folks! Or maybe not, once you’ve heard it the song is stuck in your head for days! It’s no surprise that this song was nominated for an Oscar!

Lord Business doesn’t like change so he tried to defeat every Master Builder and made sure all the different Lego Worlds were self-contained, so no one could enter another world. But Emmet, the one who is supposed to be the ‘special one’ can change all of this. Not long after Emmet finds this ‘Piece of Resistance’, he meets Lucy a.k.a. Wyldstyle (Elizabeth Banks). Lucy is part of a secret Master Builders group who’s not brainwashed by Lord Business and wants to overrule him. Lucy takes Emmet with her and together they go on a mission: make an army and defeat Lord Business. Their army consists of Batman (Will Arnett), Superman (Channing Tatum), Wonder Woman (Cobie Smulders), Unikitty (Alison Brie), a pirate called Metal Beard (Nick Offerman) and more. Together they have to face Lord Business’ army and Bad Cop / Good Cop (Liam Neeson) – who is actually really hilarious – and make sure the Piece of Resistance ends up at something… This might seem a bit vague, but I don’t want to spoil the ending. The ending is actually very interesting. However the one thing I thought was: “Seriously? Are you kidding me? Haha. Hilarious.” A lessons for the parents: Let children just play with your precious Lego!

The actors who voiced the different characters, all did a good job. Somehow their voices matched very well with their characters. But there were so many of them, that is was to hard to keep up. It’s better to play with a limited group of Lego characters and focus more on their personality. Emmet’s personality was very funny. From a brainwashed ‘loser’ he truly becomes someone how saves them all! He also thinks of himself as a nobody in the beginning but he definitely grows!

I think children will enjoy this film much more than adults. I remember that when I was a child how cool it would be to make my self-made Lego town real, you know? But still it looks very cool and impressive, it’s fun to see how this Lego world came to ‘life’. I also liked to see those recognizable Lego pieces. And I will never look at my Octan piece the same way, they are evil 🙂 Since there’s a sequel coming, I hope to see more of the different Lego worlds. Like Western, Pirates, Indians, the Islanders, Paradisa. The old stuff I used to play with as a kid! Oh, I really loved playing and building with Lego! Below are actually a few of the Lego sets I own! 😀

Indianen dorp lego Lego Schateilanders Lego western

The sequel to this film will be called The Lego Movie Sequel and has a release date of 18 May 2018. No plot details yet or who will be cast, but the writers duo Phil Lord and Christoper Miller will both return for the sequel. It might be nice to add that both Lord as Miller are responsible for the success of 21 Jump Street and 22 Jump Street.


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