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Review | Rise of the Planet of the Apes – 2011

In preparation for the latest film with apes as the main characters, I just watched the first film: Rise of the planet of the Apes and it was really amazing!! Rise of the Planet of the Apes shows the beginning of how one mutated baby ape, Ceasar, grows among men with a high intelligence. When things get a bit messy, Ceasar is taken away and from that moment Ceasar learns about his true species. Because of his high intelligence he does amazing things to his kind which leads to the great escape. During this escape, you can really see how smart all those apes have become. Ceasar is thinking everything through, it’s truly incrediable.

The emotions of the ape Ceasar are so sensible that you can really feel his sadness and pain. But later on also his determination to become the strong alpha male and free all the other apes. The movements of the apes are outstanding! It’s really hard to believe those ‘apes’ are actually humans in special suits. Andy Serkis as the adopted, mutated ape did an incredible job!Film-Ape EvolutionJames Franco as Will Rodman also did an amazing job as the adopted father of Ceasar and the son of a Alzheimer patient. I think Franco is better in these drama kind of roles than he is as a comedy actor. He takes Ceasar home after he finds him in his mother’s cage, who was one of the testing animals and got injected with a substance, designed to help the brain repair itself or better Alzheimer. When Will sees how much it improves Ceasar he decides to also inject his father with it. Tom Felton, that little punk from the Harry Potter films, was also in this film an irritating and mean guy! He is one of the keepers in the primate shelter.

The film is sometimes very sad. In the beginning of the film we see people ‘hunt’ the apes down in the forest in take them away to the lab. I feel so sad that apes are still used for testing medicines and that some people only think about their company and gaining money. This film also shows it can go terrible wrong when you use apes for testing. One, they are unpredictable and two because apes have a much better immune system than humans have. Another moment that brought tears to my eyes was when Will and his girlfriend Caroline (Freida Pinto) had to leave Ceasar behind in a shelter for primates. You could really sense Ceasar’s pain and you also witness his desire to go home  when he draws his window on the wall. This moment was really heartbreaking for me.. The first time Ceasar spoke, I was like: “WOW and finally!” The whole movie I was thinking: “When is this ape going to speak?” I really thought it would happen sooner. But when he did speak, it was so awesome! And all the other apes were like: “Oh my god what did he just do? What did he say?” The expression on their faces was truly priceless, they were all confused when Ceasar screamed: “NO!!” It was also amazing to see Will’s expression when Ceasar spoke for the first time to him, at the end, and also what he said: “Ceasar is home.”

Rise-of-the-Planet-of-the-Apes-clip Rise of the planet of the apes ceasar

I just said that apes have a much better immune system than humans have. In this film we see the effect the medicine has on one scientist and how he infected at least one other person. After the end credits we see how this other person, who’s a pilot, transfers the ‘disease’ all over the whole world! Now I absolutely have to see the sequel, Dawn of the planet of the Apes, where we see the real effect it has had on the whole world!


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