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Review | Suits – Season 1

Before I even started watching Suits I already heard some good things about this tv-series. Last week was the last episode of season one, so it’s time for a review!

Suits is about a corporate law firm, Pearson Hardman, who helps out different large companies in New York. Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) is one of the senior partners and is trying to find an intern for himself. At the same time Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams), a college dropout with a high IQ and a photographic memory, is doing some illegal stuff for his buddy Trevor (Tom Lipinski). Mike needs to drop of a bag of marijuana in a hotel, but when he finds out that it’s a set up he flees and find himself among Harvey’s applicants. Harvey is very much impressed by Mike’s intelligence and knowledge of the law, so he hires him. The fact that Mike didn’t graduate at any university is not an obstacle for Harvey but it is for the rest of the firm. So Harvey, Mike and Harvey’s assistant Donna (Sarah Rafferty) have to keep it a secret.

This is sort of what happens in the very first episode. This is also one of the best episodes of the season since there is so much happening. The rests of the episode are all sort of the same: Harvey and Mike have to help a client, mostly a big company, Mike does something wrong and Harvey gets sort of upset and one of the two saves the day! Mike also often asks the help of the lovely Rachel (Meghan Markle). Then there is Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman) who is very jealous at Harvey since he is promoted to senior partner. Louis is also the boss of the interns so sometimes he gives Mike a hard time.

The last couple of episodes are interesting because of Mike’s ‘secret’ and some issues from Harvey’s past. I wonder what will happen when the boss of the firm Jessica (Gina Torres) finds out Mike isn’t a Harvard graduate. I also hope that Harvey will do more other cases like in the last episode. He found out that in the time he was an intern his superior kept evidence behind and therefore innocent people were locked up! I hope he does more cases like this because the other ones are a bit dull, I think.

Even this show is not that spectacular as I hoped it would be, I kept watching. The chemistry between Harvey and Ross is really interesting to watch. Harvey is more like a bad guy who does everything for the company but Mike also wants to do good for their clients. Their relationship is truly a blossoming ‘bromance’ and their dialogues are amazing! They are sharp, snappy, funny and filled with clever wordplay. It’s hard not to like Harvey.

Louis on the other hand is a creepy, sneaky and an irritating guy. He’s a bit of a loser compared to Harvey. Also Donna is very awesome! She’s a funny lady and I wonder if she and Harvey will ever be more than colleagues. Harvey does really look good in his suits by the way. 😉 Rachel is more like the pretty girl at the office. Sure she’s smart and is always the helping hand, but her character isn’t that interesting.

I wonder how season two will develop: How will Jessica react when she finds out about Mike not having a certificate? And what will hapen with Mike’s so called friend Trevor? I really hate that guy! I hope Rachel’s character will be better and more interesting this season.


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