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Review | The Inbetweeners Movie – 2011

A tv-series adaptation with the same four socially awkward boys from England, which I’ve never seen. In the film Simon (Joe Thomas), Neil (Blake Harrison), Jay (James Buckley) and Will (Simon Bird) are going on a holiday to Malia after their finals.

After Simon got dumped by his highschool girlfriend Carli (Emily Head), the four friends decide to go on a wild holiday to Malia (Crete, Greece) which involves a lot of alcohol and sexual interactions, well at least that is the intention. 😉 All of them have seriously troubles with bein social towards girls, their interaction between four other British girls is very amusing. After Neil’s introduction it gets very awkward. He is more interested in older women, Simon can only talk about his ex, Jay is waiting for some other chick they just met and Will is just weird. But somehow they still meet each other!

 the inbetweeners girls The Inbetweeners Movie the inbetweeners theo_james_2011_12_27

Of course their hotel is crap, the ex Carli decided also to go to Malia and the film has at least on handsome man who is also a dick: James (Theo James). Besides these somewhat predictable things, the film is quite amusing! Their social awkwardness causes really some funny moments! But not only they have problems with being social, also one parent (can’t remember which one) is nuts! The boat scene and the swimming pool scene are definitely my favourites! Because of this film, you really want to go on a holiday and to some crazy things with your friends, at least I do! 🙂 The shots of the island Crete, which also can be Mallorca, are really amazing! The beach and sea are really beautiful! During the end credits we see the four boys arrive at Gatwick Airport which involves some sweet moments… I also liked the voice-over, more interesting and funny comments.

I think with seeing this film, I don’t have to watch an entire tv-series with these socially inept boys. But I might want to see the sequel where the boys are going to Australia! What do you guys think? Is the film better than the tv-series or not? Let me know in the comments! 🙂 Check out the new trailer of The Inbetweeners movie 2!


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