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Review | 300 – 2006

The film 300 is full of special effects and half-naked men fighting, which includes a lot of blood at strange places. But the film actually lacks a good plot. The main reason why I wanted to watch this film, was because I saw a very impressive trailer of the sequel. Despite of my brother and father telling me the film wasn’t that good, I gave it a shot.

A young boy undergoes a hard training, learns to fight and eventually becomes a Spartan warrior and King (Gerard Butler). When King Leonidas’ land is threatened by the Persians, he asks a couple of freaky looking men for advise and they asks the oracle. After her freaky, erotic dance, those strange-looking men are against the King’s plans. However, Leonidas decides to go on a warpath with his 300 fellow Spartan warriors (David Wenham, Michael Fassbender, Vincent Regan) and fights the Persian army and its leader, the tall man with the pierced face: God-King Xerxes (Rodrigo Santoro). 300 warriorsThe film is told by one of the 300 Spartan warriors Dilios (Wenham). He was send back by King Leonidas to tell the story of the brave, strong and above all ‘free’ Spartans. I say ‘free’ because I don’t see it as free to toughen young children by beating them. The battle at Thermopylae, where the film mainly revolves around, looks amazing. The brave and strong Spartans kills tens of thousands of Persians impressively after an clamorous pep talk of King Leonidas. The comic-ish/slow-motion shots are brilliant, I really loved that about it. Because of the slow-motion you get so much more details of the fights/killings. Some people might think it’s too brutal but  it’s not really horrifying or shocking. Maybe because it’s a quite dark film. There’s a lot of blood but sometimes it looks like someone was throwing mud! It was not really working for me, it looked too fake. But the 300 men really had some working-out training done before filming! That, or the digital creations were very well done in my opinion. Fake or not, I liked it!

In the mean time, at the Kingdom, Queen Gorgo (Lena Headey) is arranging some meetings to get an army to her King. But this part of the story is only minimally exposed. It’s also a bit unnecessary, like the director just wanted a female part in the film. Actually, besides the fighting parts, the film is quite boring and like I mentioned before: It lacks a good plot. After seeing the trailer of the sequel, 300: Rise of an Empire, I was really looking forward to see the film but now I’ve decided to wait for a cheap dvd release or television premiere. The best line of the film? “This Is SPARTA!”


2 thoughts on “Review | 300 – 2006

  1. 300 Is a good example where style, action and characterization if done right provides all the dramatic impact you need. Since this story is an adaptation of a graphic novel it is understandable that focus is more on the action and style than other elements. The beating of the young Spartans requires knowledge of Greek History. The Spartans were so dreaded because their lives were focused on battle and war faring. You can’t compare such a lifestyle with ideas of freedom nowadays.

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