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Review | Crazy Stupid Love – 2011

I’ve seen this film three times now, twice in the cinema, and I still love it. It’s a romantic comedy with even some plot twists. I really didn’t see some things coming 😉 Even the trailer made me smile, so when this film came out I really had to see it!

The film is about a married couple, Cal and Emily Weaver (Steve Carell and Julianne Moore) with two young children. When Emily admits she cheated on her husband with a colleague (Kevin Bacon), he leaves the house (or actually the car). He gets his own appartement and starts drinking every night in a bar where he meets Jacob (Ryan Gosling) the handsome womanizer. Jacob learns Cal how to act in front of women and how he has to pick them up.. After some time Cal meets one of his one-night-stands again, Kate (Marisa Tomei) which causes some problems with his wife but also some hilarious moments for the viewers! Which I can not give away 😉

Crazy, Stupid, Love crazy-stupid-love jacob crazy-stupid-love hannah and liz

In the mean time there is this young women, Hannah (Emma Stone). She will be  Jacob’s latest victories which also causes some hilarious moments! The interaction between Hannah and her friend Liz (Liza Lapira) is great just like her whole character, despite of the small role she has. Almost at the end of the film, everyone comes together which gives us some new perspectives about the whole family. This was the moment of: “I really didn’t see that coming.”

Besides the good actors and acting skills, the story is actually good for a rom-com! Sure, the first time will be the best and there are some moments you think: “Oh my God, seriously?” But it’s funny, there’s a small life lesson in it and there’s romance on more than one level: the married couple, the mid-twenties Jacob and Hannah and the 14-year-old son of  Cal and Emily. He’s having his own love problems, which are extremely hilarious. I really recommend this film to everyone, so enjoy and see for yourself!


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