Disney films ranked by Sexiness

12 Disney movies ranked by sexiness

I really had to share this! Have a good laugh! I’m already sorry if you can not watch a Disney film like you used to do! 😀 The number 1,2,3 and 4 are really good!! I mean, have anyone of you ever dated a man like Gaston? Or have you seen Ariels hand?? Princess Jasmine in the “red room of pain” and last but not least: The hot passion between John Smit and Pocahontas? OEHHH HOTT!

This article really cracked me up! My compliments to the one who wrote this haha!

 pocahontas en johnariel

nala sexy look

After really thinking about this, who could ever start thinking about this, I realized they missed The Lion King! Remember that love song and then Simba lies on Nala? On that moment Nala really gives Simba a hot gaze! For the completeness of this ridiculous article, I give you Nala’s hot gaze 🙂


2 thoughts on “Disney films ranked by Sexiness

    1. Hahah Yes! My thoughts exactly! Have you read the comments on the side. Apperently there are many more

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