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Review | This Means War – 2012

Last night, 27 February, I watched the romantic comedy This Means War, and I thought it was amazing! It has a funny story, nice actors, great chemistry between those characters, some hilarious scenes and a bit of action for the boys! The film is sometimes a bit predictable but that didn’t make it less funny. The chemistry betweeen te actors Chirs Pine and Tom Hardy is what I liked the most. It’s more a film about true friendship between two guys in stead of getting the girl. So what is this film really about?This-Means-War1

Two guys – who are both friends and colleagues – are getting sort of free time from work when a mission goes bad. Tuck, Tom Hardy, is a divorced man with a child and the more serious one of the two when it comes to woman. The charming FDR – or Franklin – (Chris Pine), is more of a player with a lot of talks. The third person in this story is Lauren played by Reese Witherspoon. When her friend Trish (Chelsea Handler) makes an account for her on a dating website, Lauren meets Tuck and goes on a date with him. Afterwards she meets FDR on coincidence and eventually she also goes on a date with. Of course these two buddies find out about them dating the same woman and decide to let the best man win! Since Tuck and FDR are special agents they misuse their ‘powers’ to find out what Lauren likes. The things they do are really hilarious. They follow Lauren when she’s on a date with the other and in the meantime they try to screw up eachother’s dates.

Just like every girl, Lauren needs some girl time to reflect on her dates. She tells her friend Trish what she thinks about them and since the guys have cameras everywhere, they try to use her comments for the better. Of course this love triangle couldn’t end well. Eventually Lauren finds out about all this and shortly after criminal and gangster Heinrich – played by Til Schweiger – enters the picture. Heinrich is a man Tuck and FDR had to care off before and now they have to deal with him all over again. SInce Lauren is with Heinrich, both Tuck and FDR have to use everything they got to rescue her and eventually Lauren has to make a choice between the two.

This Means War__    Secret agents and best pals FDR (Chris Pine, left) and Tuck (Tom Hardy) wrap up another dangerous mission.

I read a lot of negative reviews about this film, which I don’t agree with. As how I see it, it’s funny. Yes predictable but funny. It’s not a difficult film, just watch and enjoy. The two guys are both equally attractive, so to say that the girl choses the most handsome one is to easy. There’s not a lot of action, I thought there would be more, but I didn’t miss that. Everything the guys do to make each others dates miserable is hilarious. I really had great laughs. Somethings are predictable but that didn’t matter. Even before it happened I was already laughing because the build-up was already funny, especially when they show each others dates. The dates they went on are nice, romantic and funny and gives the viewers some new perspective about the guys.

At first I thought Tuck, Tom Hardy, would be the one who is a player and stuff and FDR the more responsible. I don’t know why and afterwards I remember Chris Pine also playing a player and somewhat irresponsible guy in Star Trek. I also like Reese as an actress. She’s funny and in this film also a strong and independent woman. I like the fact that Tuck and FDR stay friends. The fight for the woman was not really a war, so therefore the title is not really accurate. It was more like: “Ok, let the best man win. The best man for her.” So, in my opinion, also a film for buddies!


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