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Review | Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind – 2004

The film Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind is about an extraordinary couple, Joel and Clementine. Joel (Jim Carrey) and Clementine (Kate Winslet) are definitely each others opposites. He is kind of a Lone Ranger with a boring life and she is more of an impulsive woman with different, bright hair colors almost everyday. He says more than once: “I have nothing to say, there is nothing happening in my life.” Nevertheless they bond and make some amazing memories. When their relationship goes bad, Clementine decides to erase every memory of her and Joel and after Joel finds out about this, he decides to do the same.eternal_sunshine_of_the_spotless_mind600

I think the plot is very original and well made. Both Jim Carrey as Kate Winslet did a great job. I always see Carrey as the funny one, but to see this serious side is amazing! However I did lost my attention sometimes during the many flashbacks. I think that’s because it wasn’t clear where in the relationship we were and what was happening at the moment. But some of the scenes during those flashbacks were quite beautiful and gave you a better picture of the main characters. I think it’s nice to see that the heart does what the heart wants and doesn’t care for deleted memories. While writing this review I was thinking about the effect deleting memories should have on the heart. I mean when you delete a memory from you brain shouldn’t you also erase the feeling of heartache from your heart? How I see it, you might can delete a memory but what comes after is an unexplained pain or emptiness in your heart. And also, the past makes you who you are so why deleting it?

The film starts with a scene where Joel and clementine meet and starting their relationship. Suddenly we jump forward in the storyline to the point Joel sees Clementine with another guy and she doesn’t remember him. Sometime later he finds out what she has done to forget him and wants to do the same. During the process of deleting memories, we jump back and forth in their relationship and see some amazing memories getting erased. At some point in this process the unconscious Joel realises he doesn’t want to forget her and tries to fight against it. Because when erasing the bad memories, the good memories will also be erased and those are too precious for Joel. While in a coma or a big sleep Joel takes the Clementine from his memory, to places they’ve never been together. I thought this was actually funny, especially when he took her to a memory what involves him as a little boy.

One interesting twist is the ‘affair’  between two doctors Mary (Kirsten Dunst) and Dr. Mierzwiak (Tom Wilkinson) and what Mary does next. After this point we jump back to the scene where the films starts and learn that the film didn’t start with the actually first meeting. I already suspected this, so it was predictable for me. Also starring Mark Ruffalo and Elijah Wood.


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