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Review | 500 days of Summer – 2009

This film is definitely not the typical “boy meets girl and they live happily ever after” film. This is actually one of the first things the narrator says. However the theme of faith/coincidence/’meant to be’ is mentioned in the film. But very short and only twice, at the very end and somewhere in the beginning.

During the film we see recent events but also flashbacks. Until now I’m not quite sure where in this “love story” we jumped in. We do see the development of the relation between the main characters in chronologic order. The film centers around Tom (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) and Summer (Zooey Deshanel). We see how they meet and how they get from strangers to friends to more than friends and again, back to friends. In this “relation” the roles are switched more or less. The guy, Tom, has more characteristics of a women and vice versa. That’s really nice to witness and how Tom’s younger sister Rachel (Chloë Grace Moretz) gives him relationship advise and says: “when you look back, don’t only remember the good stuff.” I really liked that.

What I also very much liked was the scene ‘expectation versus reality’. I think we women always play our expectations in our head before entering a party or whatever. From this scene on I really felt bad for Tom. Before this his reactions regarding the bad things happening were quite funny actually. I really had some good laughs. Close to the end Tom and Summer have a talk about true love and things that are just meant to be. I think it’s beautiful to see that the one who didn’t believe in this at all, changes completely. The final quote I loved came from one of Tom’s friends and was something like: His wife/girlfriend may not have the looks of his dream girl, but everything about her made her better than his dream girl! So beautiful.

There were some dull moments but overall this film was very sweet and thank god not the typical love story movie! Thanks for recommend this film to me during Valentine’s Day!


One thought on “Review | 500 days of Summer – 2009

  1. Good review – 500 Days of Summer is the film that reminds there is life in the romance genre yet (or should that be anti-romance)!

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