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Review | Escape plan – 2013

After my brother recommend this film to me and reading the synopsis on IMDB, I thought the film was worth a shot! The thrilling film Escape Plan is about this guy Ray Bresling (Sylvester Stallone) who escape from prisons for a living. When a women from the FBI has an assignment for him, which involves escaping from a highly secure and private investment prison, with a payment of five million dollar he accepts. His partners however are not pleased with his decision, but their boss is very pleased with this offer.


From the moment he ends up in that super secret and secure prison, things get weird. The guards are ex marine and very violent. It’s nice to see some familiar faces here. One of the inmates is Arnold Schwarzenegger, the warden Hobbes is Jim Caviezel, the nice doctor is played by Sam Neil and one of the guards is Vinnie Jones! To escape from prison Ray Bresling has to become friends with some of the inmates, which wasn’t that hard and he must have the nice doctor on his side. In the beginning you see Ray thinking that it’s going to be hard to escape but there’s never any trace of desperation. I hoped the escape itself would be a bit harder and the warden could be much meaner and disturbing in my opinion. There is a lot of fighting between the escaping inmates and the guards. What really amused me was the fact that the inmates are all wonderful shooters!

The film has a view plot twist and the end really had me thinking: What did just happen? Some people are not who they say the were. The secure prison looked interesting but not really deterrent. The guards on the other hand looked freaky with their all black armour and big guns!

Overall, it’s not a bad film but I think it’s more of a men film about two oldies escaping from black armoured gun men in a prison. I was not really impressed.


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