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Review | Titanic – 1997

Last night I watched Titanic, for the 100th time or so, and I was still hoping for a different end. I don’t have to tell what the film is about, everybody knows what’s about whether you’ve seen it or not. It doesn’t matter how often I’ve seen this film,  it always makes me cry.  Not because of the love story, but because of all the people who died on Titanic. Only thinking about it makes me sad, it is such a tragedy! Every time I yell to the TV what Rose & Jack should do. And every time some actions surprises me. But what do I know: When you’re under high pressure, in panic and when chaos is everywhere you don’t know what to do and maybe can’t think straight. Every since I saw this film, I saw a lot of documentaries because the story of this so-called ‘unsinkable ship’ intrigues me. I even saw the 3D version in the cinema!

real titanic

The first time I saw Titanic is almost 15 years ago, I was 10 years old. I loved the film untill that dramatic point. I was really scared at the moments when Rose (Kate Winslet) went down in the ship to save Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) and when they both run from Cal (Billy Zane) and had to fight against the strong water. The moment when Rose says ‘goodbye’ to Jack and when they ‘meet’ again at the very end makes me cry every time!

All the actors did a great job, even the ones with a little role. Like the two men in the crow’s nest: “Iceberg right ahead!”, the band who kept on playing, Mr. Murdoch (Ewan Stewart), Mr. Andrews (Victor Garber), Fabrizio (Danny Nucci) and Tommy (Jason Barry). I love Tommy and I hate it when he gets shot. Cal Hockley is the man I hate most next to Mr. Ismay (Jonathan Hyde) who gets on a lifeboat to save his own ass. Molly Brown (Kathy Bates) is amazing and funny and the only one of the rich people who is nice to Jack. And of course Jack and Rose, who are the perfect Romeo & Juliet couple.

titanic rose and jack

Also the all the extras were amazing! Closer to the end and when the water comes up, you see how scared they are and see their despair. A few scenes: The old couple in bed, the mother with their two little children, the young girl with Cal Hockley, the two girls and their mother who says their goodbyes to the father from the lifeboat and the mother with her baby who ask the captain (Bernard Hill) where she must go. I think those were the extras who were definitely amazing!

There were a few deleted scenes, but the one I thought should have made it in the film was the one when Rose enters the Carpathia. This scene is so dramatic which shows a heart-broken Rose and Mr. Ismay. Who gets a lot of accusing glances and you also see his guilt on his face. You can the scene here:

What did I love more about this film? The music of James Horner. It’s amazing and still one of my favourite film scores! The costumes, I love the dresses of Rose, but I always have loved dresses from the twenties. The scene where Rose and Jack dances with the third class people and the shots of the real Titanic on the bottom of the sea.

Titanic won 11 Oscars but in my honest opinion, Leonardo should have won an oscar for best actor in a leading role. Is this film also one of your favourites? Let me know!


4 thoughts on “Review | Titanic – 1997

    1. But, what do you want to see in the Sequel? I mean the Titanic is gone… I’d rather see a reboot but then again no. There’s no way this movie can be better than it was.

  1. My exam is “A film review”. I choose Titanic. Because it’s the best film I’ve ever seen. It makes me cry, not because of the love story, but because of the ship of dreams, the woman with her baby who asked the captain where she must go. And the end of the film, Jack said Rose that do not let go of his hand.
    Thank for your website. It was helped me very much.

    1. You’re very welcome! Titanic is also one of my favourites. And just like you say besides the love story there so much more. The old couple in bed, The mother with her two children. All those amazing paintings ruined. the total destruction of the ship.. It’s all so sad. Good look with your exam!

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