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Review | Word War Z – 2013

Before I saw World War Z, I’ve seen multiple scenes during a special footage screening from Paramount at the cinema. I had high hopes and now I’ve seen it I’m not disappointed! From the beginning till the end the film remains exciting. I sat on the edge of my seat the entire film! Sure, there were some predictable moments and “yes of course” moments, but that didn’t bother much. There was one moment, or maybe two, in the film I really scared myself to death. It wasn’t because it was scary but the combination of the dark, the sounds and it slowly walking and looking for zombies. And then: BOOM screaming zombies right in front of me! The build-up to the climax was really well done in every part of the film!

Ex United Nations employee Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt) and his family is stuck in a traffic jam when suddenly all hell breaks loose! A big explosion, following a truck on the loose and screaming people everywhere. At first we don’t really see what’s going on untill someone, or better something, smashes its head to the car window and starts biting other people. I really felt the fear in those screaming people. In the beginning there’s news about an outbreak of rabies but after this first scene you already know that’s not the case. Not long after this, Gerry’s boss from the U.N., Thierry (FanaMokoena) calls, they need his help.World-War-Z-header

After Gerry and his family are save at an army ship, Gerry has to leave. He flies to South-Korea, Israel and finally ends up in Wales. All to find out the beginning of this zombie pandemic. During the zombie attacks in Israel, where they thought they would be save, the chaos actually feels real. I really felt how scared everybody was and how they tried everything they could to save themselves. Of course Gerry and his new friend soldier Segen (Daniella Kertesz) manage to get out of Israel via a plane. During the flight Gerry thinks he knows the solution to the pandemic and instruct the pilots the fly to Wales. But a zombie attack at the plane makes that plan harder, the plane crashes. But very convenient, it crashes really close to his destination. Of course, only Gerry and Segen survives the crash and along with the people of the World Health Organisation in Wales they find the solution to the problem. But not before they handled with some zombies.

Apart of the convenient place of the plane crash and the fact that a white America saves humanity, it’s not a very predictable film in my opinion. I think the zombies looked great, though I heard other opinions about this. And the acting was really great! You really felt the fear and there’s never a dull moment. What I found interesting was the opening scene and what the virologist Andrew Fassbach (Elyes Gabel) says. Like every bad thing happening to human kind is payback of mother nature and actually our fault. I didn’t really understand this. What do you guys thought of this zombie film?

Fun fact for the Dutch readers. One of the soldiers in South-Korea is our very own Michiel Huisman!


One thought on “Review | Word War Z – 2013

  1. Great review! I like the fact that even through the behind the scenes problems, Brad Pitt and co. stuck to their guns. They believed in the movie and it shows. It should have been a disaster but it turned out pretty good! Bring on part 2! Yes, indeed! I was like; Hey! That’s that guy from Treme, Michiel Huisman!

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