POLL | Your favourite Walt Disney film

Walt Disney dvd collectionOver the years I’ve made a collection of Disney films! As a child I watched them often on VHS and now I do on DVD/Blu-ray. I don’t have all of them but I really want to. Whenever I watch a Disney film it’s like I’m that little girl again with the most amazing dreams and fantasies. Of course I still have big dreams. Now, as an adult, when you watch a Disney film you see it with different eyes, I mean the experience is different. That’s why Disney films are so good: For every generation there’s a message hidden in the story.

I can not remember the first Disney film I saw, but I can remember which Disney film I saw in the cinema for the first time: Aladdin. It was funny, scary, sweet and the catchy songs were amazing! That’s another thing what I love of Disney: the songs. It really makes me happy and therefore I listen to it a lot.

Above you can see my Disney collection so far. The only film that doesn’t really belong in this animation section is Enchanted. Only the beginning and the end of the film is animated. Nevertheless, it is a true Disney film with catchy songs, poisoned apples and a true loves kiss! So what’s your all time favourite Walt Disney film?


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