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Review | Monte Carlo – 2011

This girly, feel good movie is not an oscar winning film but definitely worth seeing when you are having a movie night with lady friends! The beginning is a bit dull and the film really starts when these three girls from Texas, Emma (Katie Cassidy), Meg (Leighton Meester) and Grace (Selena Gomez) arrive in Paris! Who doesn’t want to go to Paris? I’ve been there twice myself and it’s an amazing city. Seeing al those nice places I could easily dream away, back to Paris… MonteCarlo2

Back to the film. Of course nothing goes as planned. The hotel room is small and dirty and they have a freaky naked neighbour! Their bus tour is also not what it should be. The bus travels along all those nice buildings but without a proper view! OK, that was Le Notre Dame! LOL They even didn’t get a proper meal!! Was that all? NO! Once, on top of the Eiffel Tower, gazing over Paris and enjoying the view…. Suddenly they see their bus and it is leaving!! And now it also has started raining and the girls have lost their way back to the ‘hotel’. But the trouble comes to end when they find themselves cleaning up in a five-star hotel, meeting a rich British Royal! And what a coincidence that she is the look-a-like of Grace!! When the paparazzi and the hotel managers mistake Grace for this Cordelia Winthrop Scott, they decide to go with it and take her place! I mean, what would you do? When I meet my mean, rich and famous look-a-like I would definitely take the chance to be her and enjoy the luxurious lifestyle (for a short moment of time of course :p)

Emma, Meg and Grace meet lots of new people and do things they’ve never done before! Of course this could never end well. Cordelia will come back to do her duty sooner or later… But when this happens they have fully enjoyed Monte Carlo. Touring by scooter/car, playing Polo, partying on a yacht and of course enjoying their suite in the most luxurious hotel of Monte Carlo! I really enjoyed those shots of Monte Carlo. It’s definitely on my ‘to visit’ list. Most fun part of the film is the moment when Cordelia returns to the hotel in Monte Carlo for a charity auction… Of course there are some romantic moments. In Paris we meet this handsome Australian dude Riley (Luke Bracey). Surprisingly, he’s also there in Monte Carlo! What a coincidence it must be true love! LOL Besides him, Grace falls for this rich young man who’s involved with the charity events.

It’s remarkable to see that the girl who was most willing to ‘join’ this luxurious life, is also the one who realize this life is not meant for her and already has what she wants. May that be a lesson for us girls, cherish what you have!


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