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Review | Frozen – 2013

Wowww! Frozen is a typical Disney film and it is since now definitely one of my favourites! The beginning is already amazing. Snow and ice as a magical thing. I also see it that way, sort off. It can be pure magic in an intact surrounding but hell when you have to go to work..

All children love snow and so does these little girls Princess Anna (Kristen Bell)  and Princess Elsa (Idina Menzel). Elsa has powers what gives her the opportunity to make beautiful ice sculptures and let it snow! This was such a beautiful scene! The song, the gorgeous ice and snow sculptures and the fun of two playing children. But when Anna got struck by ice, trolls had to save her life by estrange her memories of these magical powers. Because of this accident Elsa got afraid of her powers and locks her sister out.Frozen-post1Years later, when Princess Elsa is becoming queen, something terrible happens during her coronation ball: She transforms her whole kingdom Arrendal into eternal winter. Now Queen Elsa flees away to the snowy mountains where she can be free and use her icy powers without harming anyone. During this magical song she makes a magical icy palace!

Back at Arrendal, Princess Anna, who’s now engaged to this Hans (Santino Fontana), decides to go after her sister and get summer back. During her journey she meets Kristoff (Jonathan Groff) and his reindeer Sven and commends him to help her find Elsa. Kristoff and Sven really reminds me of Flyn and the horse from Tangled. A clumsy guy and his pet, who acts like a dog, helps a Princess during a journey. It was rather hilarious though! This time the environment consist of snow, mountains, ice and there is a hilarious snowman Olaf (Josh Gad). After some time they find Queen Elsa but she doesn’t want them there and Princess Anna got struck again by ice! This time the only thing that can save her, is an act of true love. Of course, true love is always the best remedy. But this time it’s a bit different and I really thought that was so beautiful! True love can also come from sisters!!!

frozen sistersWhat I thought was amazing, is that for the first time Disney made it not completely about love between a man and women. There’s more than that: family and in this story sisters! Having a sister of my own, this concept was really cool!! Being a Disney Film, the film consist of some amazing songs and humor. This really is, along with Love Actually, my favourite winter film!!

Thank you Disney for making my night!

5 reasons why Frozen is fabulous by Walter Lim


2 thoughts on “Review | Frozen – 2013

  1. Ooooooh, I loved the scene where Elsa builds her ice-castle, gets her new hairstyle and this beautiful dress 😀 I think that’s my favourite scene

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