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Review | I don’t know how she does it – 2011

The first time I saw a trailer about this film, I was immediately interested: A business woman with kids trying to manage both of them. Not that I’m a business woman nor have I kids, but maybe in the future some day….:) Anyway. I totally forgot about this film until I saw it was coming on the Dutch Television! Thank you NET5! It’s not often I watch a film on the television since there are so much commercial breaks, but this time I sat it through!

It’s the typical film you watch on lazy night when you’ve nothing else to do. It’s a nice film but it’s not that good that you want to buy the DVD, unless it’s €1,-. Anyway, Sarah Jessica Parker is Kate Reddy, the  married mother with two children and a demanding job. The whole film is focused on how she tries to combine these two things.  Kate works as a finance executive along several men and her secretary.This  provides the necessary tension and the well known prejudices between women and men on the workplace are discussed. Nevertheless, I think we are past that time! It’s quite normal nowadays to be a woman in a man’s job.

But Kate manages it all! There was some tension between Kate and her husband Richard Reddy (Greg Kinnear) when she had a big assignment in New York with Jack Abelhammer (Pierce Brosnan). But everything turns out good!

The funniest character was in my opinion Kate’s secretary Momo (Olivia Mum). She had a lot of funny comments and was also the only. For the rest the film was kind of blablabla. But thank god, the film doesn’t end with a cliché: Kate DOESN’T fall for her charming  and attractive colleague Jack!

This story is based on Allison Pearson’s book of the same name.


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