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Review | We’re the Millers – 2013

The first time I heard about the film We’re the Millers, I was sceptical and thought it would be kind of lame, but it wasn’t! The film is definitely amusing with lots of hilarious, romantic and some action moments.

So this guy, David Clark (Jason Sudeikis) is a small time drug dealer who finds himself in trouble after he got robbed and his drug money got stolen. His dealer Brad Gurdlinger (Ed Helms) has a task for him so he can make up for the loss of money: smuggling a huge shipment of weed into the U.S. from Mexico.. When David tries to come up with a plan,he sees a family in a camper and gets the ‘perfect’ idea! Create a fake family, buy a camper and hide the weed in the camper, no one would ever suspect a ‘family’! And now all the fun begins.


First part: create a family. We have David, ‘the dad’, David’s stripper neighbour Rose O’Reilly (Jennifer Aniston) as ‘the mother’ and the two children Casey Mathis (Emma Roberts) a runaway and Kenny Rossmore (Will Poulter)  a nerdish neighbour.

The flight to Mexico is the first test for the Millers. Can they function as a family? Well, they can! But not without some strange looks from other passengers, because the Millers are rude to and says things to each other you would never say to your mum or dad. Funniest moment: the family meeting, where Rose does a great job as a mum praying for their safety during their flight!

In Mexico the camper is waiting and it’s huge! Spacious enough for “some” weed, or at least that is what David thought! When the Millers arrive at their destination and say the magic word, the name Brad told him to say, the Mexicans put the camper full with weed. And seriously the whole camper is overloaded with weed, every spot where you can hide something is stuffed with weed! It was so hilarious when you saw all those drug packages getting load in the camper. As soon as they leave the drug fabric there’s a police man who knows exactly what they have. But in exchange for money or a b-job they can go. Everything what happens now is so hilarious! Nothing goes as you expect and in the end it was soooo easy to get rid of the police man!

Getting in Mexico was a whole different story than getting out! At the border things are getting serious. Another family enters the picture and the Millers suddenly have a new member! David is telling everyone to calm down and act normal, but instead he’s the one who should relax and act normal! But no, the Millers has to leave their camper and soon all the drugs will be found. But if that was so, the film would be very short! So no, the police let them go because something more interesting is happening: some Mexicans are trying to pass the border! I think we should thank them 🙂 Welcome back in the U.S.! Wow that was sort of easy where were the drug dogs? But who cares. The journey continues to Brad, but during this family bonding trip we have some trouble with the engine! And who can help us best? The other family in the camper from the border! And what do you know: the man of the family (Nick Offerman) is a policeman! When the Millers are on their own again there’s a plot twist. The name which David used to get the weed, is the name of a big drug dealer and is now after him and his drugs! To get rid of him, Rose does her stripper career justice.

Between this part and the moment David ‘delivers’ his drug to Brad a lot happens. Family bonding between the Millers self and the other family, David leaving his family behind but comes back because he misses them and then the plot twist. David working together with the police to get Brad and the Mexican drug dealer arrested. In exchange the Millers gets legal protection and stays together as a sort of real family! Despite the film is mainly focussing on the Millers, the drug lord Brad is also a memorable character. He was a very entertaining person causing a lot of problems for David.


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