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Review | The Conjuring – 2013

The Conjuring, a film focusing on Ed and Lorraine Warren (Patrick Wilson & Vera Farmiga) who are a couple of paranormal investigators. After the family Perron moves into an old farmhouse, mysterious things suddenly happen and Carolyn Perron (Lili Taylor) goes for a search for the Warrens. The first time Lorraine Warren enters the ‘haunted’ house, she immediately senses a dark presence. The Warrens and their team go on an investigation and discover a horrible truth about the house and its former residents. After their discovery, they decide to help the family and save them from a terrible fate.


This all sounds very familiar; a family who moves into a haunted house with secret spaces under the floor and behind closets and gets attacked by a demon. Also the house has a dark past which led to many deaths. But despite all of this, the story is anything but familiar. From the beginning till the end, the film remains exciting. There is no  distracting music (big bangs)  just some music which makes the scenes more scary but not that you already know that something will happen.

What I find interesting, is that not just one child gets terrorized but all of them. Mostly just one got attacked and the others stay sceptic about the events untill it gets too weird. Also, when watching a horror film I always stated: “Why won’t they just stay together all the time?” So it was refreshing to see that the whole family sleeps in the living room because: “the kids got too scared.” Once all the investigators are also in the house you might think the scariest part is over. But nonetheless, it stays scary. Both in the house of the Peron family as at the Warrens, which includes the child of the Warrens.

Although, since I’ve watched many horror films in my life, some things are a bit predictable. Like there is a secret passage behind the closet which leads to the basement. Also the horrible past of the house and its residents and the dog who already sensed that there was something wrong with the house and got killed. Strange though that nobody ever thinks of the dog again…

Since I only saw this film once, I’m left with some questions. Maybe I have to see it another time, but I’m not sure whether I dare or not. The film is directed by James Wan, famous for his work with Saw and Insidious and therefore  responsible for the best two horror films in the past decade. There are also some rumours about a spinoff about the doll Annabelle….


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