Review | Under the Dome – Stephen King – 2009

Since I’ve watched the first season of Under the Dome in warp speed, I went to the library to find the book written by Stephen King. Surely I liked the tv series, but the book? I loved it! The characters are even worse especially Junior and Big Jim! I literally hate them they are sooo bad and obsessed with having power. And those guys who joined the police! They are all nuts!

When I start reading the book I had to adapt and forget everything from the series because it was a bit different. There are more characters in the book and I think in the series some are combined. But no worries it was very easy to read, though it were 970 pages, Stephen King is an amazing writer and everything you read is not hard to visualize! For everyone who liked the series, seriously you should read the book I highly recommend it!

I can’t wait to see how the tv series will develop, since the first season is already totally different. I guess season two will drift away even more from th original story. Under_the_dome_logo


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