POLL | What’s your favourite tv-series?

There are a few series I actively follow, recently watch and have watched some time ago:

  • Grey’s Anatomy,    The Vampire Diaries,    The Originals,    Arrow;    Unce Upon a Time
  • Game of Thrones,    Under the Dome,     Castle
  • Gossip Girls,    The Big Bang Theory;
  • CSI,    Bones,    Friends.


Since last week ( January 6th) I also started watching Scandal, Hart of Dixie and Agents of S.H.I.E.LD. Hart of Dixie / Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D / Scandal

But still, my absolute favourite tv series is Game of Thrones. Especially after I’ve seen the promo trailer for season four!! GoT season 4 promo. But now my question: What is your favourite tv series? Feel free to add others!


2 thoughts on “POLL | What’s your favourite tv-series?

  1. Haha cool idea 😀 But you have to add How I Met Your Mother!!! That’s my number one at the moment, otherwise I’d choose The Big Bang Theory 😉

    1. Good one!! But you also can add it yourself by clicking on other and then add your favourite! 😀

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