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Review | THOR: The Dark World – 2013

Last weekend I went to see Marvels Thor: The Dark World, the sequel to Thor from 2011, and I seriously loved it!

The film was full of funny moments: The chemistry between Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and his wicked brother Loki (Tom Hiddleston), the crazy doctor Eric( Stellan Skarsgard), moments between Darcy (Kat Dennings) and the intern, the ‘space jumps’ fighting scenes and of course the few moments between Thor and Jane (Natalie Portman).  I really had some good laughs during the movie. One of them was a moment between Loki and Thor when Loki took the appearance of Captain America. I was like: Nooo Chris Evans hahaha! It was hilarious. And that moment where Jane slaps Thor and says: “I saw you with the Avengers in New York!”thor2

There were not a lot of Jane & Thor moments, but those few moments were nice. Apart from that funny slapping moment on earth, it was beautiful to see the chemistry between them when Thor explains the ‘situation’ to Jane. There were also some sad moments: The Death of Thor’s & Loki’s mom and the ‘death’ of Loki himself. I thought the funeral scene was very beautiful done, especially the music made it very touching. There were also some unpredictable moments. We all know Loki is not thrust worthy, so when he, Thor and Jane were at the land of the mean Elfs, Loki throws Jane to the ground and says to the Elf king (Christopher Eccleston):

“Malekith! I am Loki of Jotunheim, and I have brought you a gift! I only ask for one thing in return; a good seat from which to watch Asgard burn!”

And then he cuts of Thor’s hand! I was like “WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING!” I really didn’t see that coming.

There was also a lot of action: On earth (London, for once not New York!), Asgard, the Elf land and all between them by ‘space jumping’ or how you would call it! I thought that was done extremely well, very interesting. It was also nice to see a woman fighting! I mean it becomes boring if all the warriors are man. So thank you Jaimie Alexander for playing the strong Sif! One thing I hated was Odin (Anthony Hopkins)! Man, he’s so mean, especially when he said this to Loki: “Your birthright was to die as a child! If I hadn’t taken you in, you would not now be here to hate me.”

I really recommend this film! Even if you haven’t seen the first part (not really necessary) you will enjoy! I also know I will enjoy the next one! Because after the end credits there was a special scene what I think will be the plot for a next Thor film, where Sif plays a bigger part. Something about infinity stones? One question: What happened to Odin and how is Loki still alive?? Can’t wait folks!


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