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Review | Man of Steel – 2013

My latest film is Man of Steel directed by Zack Snyder and written by David S. Goyer & Christopher Nolan. Starring Amy Adam, Laurence Fishburne, Russel Crow, Kevin Costner, Michael Shannon and Henry Cavill as the lovely Superman!

It was a birthday present from my dear brother! But before getting the DVD I saw this film in the cinema and before that, watched the trailers a lot! I just couldn’t get enough of the vibe I was getting and the amazing soundtrack! The film is amazing! It starts with an intro: Krypton, Superman’s mom and dad (Russel Crow) and General Zod.  In  my opinion I think this intro was very good! You get a view of Krypton and the reason why Superman was sent to earth. After this intro we see how Superman has grown up to a 33-year-old Clark Kent with some interesting flashbacks to his childhood. I say interesting because you see how Clark had some difficulties with being “different”, how he had to deal with his powers.Man-of-Steel-Henry-Cavill-as-Superman-HDLois Lane (Amy Adams) is an active woman who goes on a mission when she hears about an aircraft hiding in ice. I like this version of Lois because she has her own agenda, she does what she wants. Of course Lois and Superman meet and there will be some live saving moments. But what I really missed during this film was the interaction between these two. You see there is chemistry but to little interaction/depth to make it really interesting.

General Zod (Michael Shannon) is an interesting man. His only reason for living is to save the people of Krypton. So no matter what his actions are , it’s all for the good cause, Therefore I could not really hate this villain. The action between Zod and Superman were amazing! Both fighting for their people, but during this fighting there was a lot of destroying buildings, and my thought was: “Once you’ve seen one destroyed, you’ve seen them all” In other words too much collapsing buildings. Overall, I think there was too much action and less depth in the characters. But the end was awesome! I remember seeing Clark Kent as the journalist in the old series, but it wasn’t untill the final scene we saw Superman dressed up in his “journalist outfit” (so with glasses) at the Daily Planet office. And that moment between Lois and Clark when the supposedly meet for the first time… NICE!

One other aspect, the soundtrack composed by Hans Zimmer! I can not say one bad word about it, I mean the man is brilliant and I love his work. It’s touching, epic and very recognizable. For me it was when I heard the score again I knew it belonged to the Man of steel. You can’t listen to the score without seeing Superman. So again amazing job mister! One latest thing I like to share is about Russel Crow without spoiling. WHYYYY. I hoped he had a much bigger role. After 20 minutes I was like: “What! Already? NOOOO!” nevertheless he did a very good job! So, it was a very entertaining film and I’m definitely looking forward to the sequel! Once I’ve seen the bonus features on the blu-ray, I will let you know!


6 thoughts on “Review | Man of Steel – 2013

  1. Love the new Superman. Henry Cavill is indeed the best choice. The movie itself was great, badguy was awesome but with some parts they went overboard: too much wreckage and those odd tentacles coming out of the big transformer put me out of the movie…

    1. You are absolutely right! There was an overload of action and, in my opinion, to few interaction. After I saw it in cinema, I was kinda disappointed. Somehow I expected more from it, nevertheless I already own the Blu-ray 🙂

  2. I really, really wish I could see it the way you did. Unfortunately i’m not a big fan of this movie. It’s a feast for the eyes but I found the story, the script to be a bit weak. Yes, I’m a huge Superman fan so this is kind of a big deal to me. Hopefully they’ll fix a lot of the problems I have with this movie. Great review!

    1. I also hope that in the sequel, there will be more interaction and less action (blowing up buildings) and maybe more depth to the characters

  3. Good review and I agree there should have been more of Clark Kent at the Daily Planet with some of the dorky personality that Christopher Reeves added as humor for his movies. Henry Cavill is the second best Superman actor. Perhaps his range was limited in the comedy department and that’s why he didn’t get that opportunity? We will see in future sequels. With the new dark approach to the franchise, the future is bright. I hope they make a Death and Return of Superman 2 part movie after Superman vs Batman. They probably will at some point.
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